Full screen! Become an apprentice in 20 seconds!

Full screen! From cinema-goer to apprentice for your company in 20 seconds!

… or how to address your young target group correctly.

Cinema is more popular than ever! A full 85 per cent of all young people aged 14 to 19 went to the cinema in 2023.

That’s why cinema should be an essential part of the media planning for your future apprentice campaign! Because this advertising channel outperforms TV, whether public or private, by more than seven per cent (according to cine.ma 2023) and offers a high-impact alternative.

But why is cinema in particular so popular with young audiences?

The focus here is on the social factor, as almost half of all teens prefer to go to the nearest multiplex with three friends or more. The audiovisual aspect is also very popular with teenagers, as the perfect picture and sound make the cinema experience a slay!

So you don’t necessarily have to communicate in youth slang to get in touch with the new generation, because cinema opens the door to youth.

As you can see, these are all convincing reasons to start planning your apprentice cinema campaign now!

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