Classic Cinema Advertising

Cinema – no other medium manages to convey more attention and emotions to people. And on top of that, you get a 100% contact guarantee!

In the cinema, you reach your target group in an extremely receptive way, because the advertising before the film is part of the experience – there is no switching off. Studies have shown that 95% of people pay attention to advertising in cinemas.

Cinema advertising always picks up visitors in a positive leisure mood. No distractions, no stress, just an experience with great emotions.


Thanks to the versatile booking options, there is an optimal strategy for your advertising campaign for every product and for every budget.

You can book spot placements on the screen according to the following parameters:

runtime booking

If your campaign has a fixed end date, for example in the case of promotion-driven advertising, then runtime-based booking is the right choice. You can freely select the cinema halls at your discretion and the spot will then only be broadcast on the agreed days.


With this booking option, billing is based on actual tickets sold, probably the hardest currency in the advertising business. You pay what you get!

You can choose between the following contact-based booking variants:

  • Movie Channel: You determine the environment in which your commercial is to be broadcast. You can choose the films in whose pre-programme your commercial is to be broadcast to suit your company.
  • Target Channel: If targeting is central to your campaign strategy, the Target Channel is the right choice. The spot is only broadcast when the selected target group is actually in the cinema. Billing also takes place directly on the target group. This means that more and more people see the spot, and only the target group pays.

The restriction to selected regions (e.g. Greater Linz, the south of Vienna, etc.) is also possible, as is the broadcasting of the spot at certain times of day.


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