2023 has arrived!

Cinema is still very much in vogue, as shown by the results of the latest cinema study, which was conducted in cooperation with Weischer.Cinema Austria.

85% of all young people aged 14 to 19 went to the cinema in 2023. However, the increases in all other age groups are also impressive compared to 2022!

While streaming portals continue to set the tone for the consumption of series, the focus for films is still on the big-screen experience.

But that alone is not the only important parameter that makes a visit to the cinema unique! Because fiction and emotion (44 per cent of young people go to the cinema at least three times a week) as well as sound and projection technology and, of course, the smell of fresh popcorn take the cinema experience to the next level. And can neither be captured nor replaced by streaming services or TV.

“Two thirds of cinema-goers fall into the ’14 to 49-year-olds’ age group, the industry’s main target group!” explains Michale Kindermann, Managing Director of Weischer.Cinema in Austria, adding, “This means that cinema is not only in high demand among the Austrian population, but also among advertisers!”

A massive increase in sales of 60 per cent in January alone compared to 2023 makes this particularly clear!

The cooperation between the pioneer in market research for cinema in Europe and the Austrian Association of Cinema, Culture and Entertainment Businesses (WKÖ) is intended to further support the industry’s successful course, because: “With the help of the cinema study, it is possible to carry out long-term, targeted industry analyses,” say Christian Dörfler, industry spokesman for the Austrian cinema industry, and Michael Kindermann in conclusion. 2023

The detailed results of the study can be found here. Study 2023 Online