Cinema advertising has a targeted effect

Nowadays, having the right instinct when selecting films is no longer the key to reaching the target group with pinpoint accuracy. With Weischer’s new target group booking system, only the portion of the audience that can be allocated to the booked target group is charged. And no longer, as in the past, the entire hall. This means zero risk for customers and absolutely no wastage.

Audiences choose the next film according to their preferences and interests. Thanks to the registered Member Card users and the results from, Weischer.Cinema can use machine learning to determine in advance who will sit in front of the screen in the cinema and receive the advertising message.

The diversity of these target groups can currently be illustrated particularly well by two blockbusters from the United States and Austria. The sci-fi adventure “Dune: Part Two” is attracting massive numbers of young people to the domestic cinemas. With a 70 per cent audience share in the “up to 29 years” age category, this film is the absolute box office hit in this target group, two thirds of whom are male.

The successful Austrian film “Andrea Gets a Divorce” by and starring Josef Hader and his congenial film partner Birgit Minichmayr provides a stark contrast to this.
This film not only heralds the forthcoming “Austrian Ticket”, which will be awarded once 75,000 cinema tickets have been sold, but also shows a strong appeal to the “40+” target group, which is split 50:50 between male and female.

“Dune: Part Two in particular shows that cinema is the right medium to address the young target group directly and clearly with an advertising message,” explains Michael Kindermann, Managing Director of Weischer.Cinema Austria, “because over half of cinema-goers are between 20 and 29 years old.”

“We take the quantitative analysis of these visitor flows directly from the box office systems and supplement this with data from,” continues the industry professional.The Austrian cinema genre study provides the exact structural data for the additional tickets purchased. “In a further step,” Kindermann continues, “these two data sources are combined and analysed by AI in order to predict precise visitor forecasts down to auditorium level.”

This tool, developed by Weischer.Cinema Austria and unique in Europe, has been in use since last year and has generated an enormously positive response from the agency scene in a very short space of time, especially for programmatic cinema!
“The digital agencies are delighted because they can present their customers with something really new and unique. Even our colleagues from the DACH region look enviously to Vienna to see what we have achieved in cooperation with the major Austrian cinema chains,” emphasises Kindermann in conclusion.

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