Adressable TV

A television set is called “addressable” if it is an internet-enabled smart TV. Advertising can be broadcast digitally on these devices. This means: Addressable TV (AddTV) is a hybrid of classic TV advertising and exact digital targeting possibilities.


Switch in XXL: The playout takes place during the running TV programme after the switch on or switch off. The campaign can be animated and dynamised by real-time data. The Switch in XXL is placed in an L-shape around the scaled TV picture and is displayed for 10 seconds. 100% visibility is thus guaranteed. AddTV is available on all channels and can be used for all targetings. The placement scores with low production costs and is best suited for advertisers without their own spot.

Switch in Spot: Full attention for moving images during the switching process in the programme environment. The split-screen spot is played during the switch-in or switch-out process or is inserted into the running programme. The spot, which is embedded in an editorial frame, is superimposed on the linear programme for a short time.

A countdown counts down the time until the end of the spot. The Switch in Spot can be designed interactively, can be controlled according to various targeting criteria and allows contact class management. The insertion time as a Switch In Spot is 10 seconds and is currently available on the channels RTLZWEI, RTL, RTLup, NITRO, VOX, ntv, LT1 and


Together with our partner IP Austria, we bridge the gap between TV and digital: high TV reach, TV advertising impact and quality environments are complemented with digital, targeted targeting – with less scattering for you.

From 2023, Weischer.Cinema Austria will also offer you the exclusive opportunity to book a regional campaign via Addressable TV on all RTL channels. This means that you can use the following channels for your regional advertising campaign:

  • RTL Austria
  • RTLZWEI Austria
  • NITRO Austria
  • VOX Austria
  • RTLup Austria
  • LT1
  • ntv

Addressable TV combines linear TV with digital advertising opportunities. By combining it with digital targeting tools, the target group can be determined more precisely than with classic TV advertising, thus avoiding wastage.

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