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When it comes to market research in cinemas, Weischer.Cinema Austria steps into the spotlight as a pioneer in the European market. Through the cinema study on the one hand and the connection to the box office systems of Austrian cinema operators on the other, we are able to create precise information on the number, structure and habits of cinema visitors. This in turn helps to define the optimal environment for your campaign.

Of course, our expertise also includes international studies. For example, the eye tracking study conducted by our colleagues of Weischer.Cinema Germany in cooperation with Annalect (Omnicom Media Group) proves that the proportion of visually fixed advertising customers in cinemas is 95 per cent, compared to 55 per cent for television and only 24 per cent for online videos. Or to put it another way: 95 per cent of the cinema advertising broadcast is actually viewed by cinema-goers. SAWA’s Global Case Studies on Advertising Impact also impressively shows how much potential the advertising impact in the cinema unfolds.

This broad spectrum of knowledge enables us to have helpful tools developed for campaign planning. One example is the cine.matrix. It provides data on possible reach gains when using cinema in the moving image mix.

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Market research

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